Time To Have Your Say

Public Awareness Notice 

Do you know that a planning application for the biggest Anaerobic Digester Gas Works of its kind, to be built on the edge of rural South Molton, has now gone for appeal? 

The Application was unanimously rejected by North Devon Planning Committee. As the planning officer recommended it for approval, the application has now been submitted for appeal and may win. 

This is NOT renewable energy. Thousands of tons of Purpose Grown Crops will be needed to fuel it 365 days a year. Massive Lorries will be running day and night through the centre of our market town, to deliver crops and slurry to feed it. This could cause huge congestion and severely affect our tourist trade at harvest time. The crops could come from anywhere in the country and may well be imported. 

These Gas Works will be at Great Hele Farm. It will be Five Acres in size. It will be next to SouthMoltonCommunity College and the newly proposed Sports Hub. It has NO social or economic benefit to our local community, not even cheaper gas!

At the time of the planning meeting no report had been carried out on noise and smell coming from the installation. The list goes on and on…….. 

It’s time to have your say – head along to the meeting of the South Molton Town Council to be held in the Town Hall, South Molton on Tuesday 28 October 2014 at 7pm.

Or send an email – The case officer is Kerr Brown the email address is teamp11@pins.gsi.gov.uk . 
Please quote appeal reference number (very important) APP/X1118/A/14/2226565 

You can look further, planning application number 56827 NDDC 

NB: This notice is for information purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of South Molton Tourist Information Centre.


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