Devon Birds Photographic Exhibition

South Molton Museum – Devon Birds Photographic Exhibition

19th March – 26th April 2018

Devon Birds, together with the South Molton Museum, is putting on an Exhibition of photographs of birds from the 19th March to the 26th April 2018.   All of the photographs have been taken in Devon, and reflect a wide cross-section of species from the “common” birds that most of us see in our gardens, to much rarer visitors that can be seen from time to time only at particular seasons of the year.

Devon Birds is a county bird society with a long and distinguished history dating back to 1928.  In addition to providing records of the birds found in Devon, it has a further focus on the study and conservation of wild birds and the changes in the numbers of particular species. To support this activity, Devon Birds works with the RSPB, (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), and other Wildlife Charities in Devon and Nationally across a range of initiatives.  These include the protection of rare breeding birds, surveys of particular birds such as the Cuckoo, Wood Warbler, etc., and a variety of habitat surveys on estates across the county.  Devon Birds has also acquired or taken on management responsibilities in the running of a number of Nature Reserves across Devon.

Over the past decade, membership of Devon Birds has steadily grown, reflecting the pleasure people get from seeing birds in their gardens, out on family walks, and in their day to day lives. It is really heartening as well to see how the membership demonstrates a commitment to supporting the activities of the Society, and in contributing to their conservation activities both practically and financially.

By staging this exhibition it is hoped that visitors to the South Molton Museum will be stimulated to appreciate even more the wonder of the nature, and the good fortune that we have in Devon in living in the proximity to such a wide range of habitats that encourage these beautiful birds to come to this part of the world.


The Museum will be open again on Monday 19th March after our annual refurbishment programme, opening times will be:

Monday and Tuesday 10.30am – 4pm and Thursday and Saturday mornings – 10.30am – 1pm.