Charter of the Forest

Beaford Arts

Myc Riggulsford

Charter of the forest (Illustrated talk)

 St Michaels Church  East Buckland

Saturday November 10th 7pm for 7-30pm


Tickets £5 Contact  01598760437

Soup/Sandwiches available to purchase (Pre book  recommended)

About the Show A bit of history, comedy, and some radical thinking. Exmoor, Dartmoor, and Devon’s important role in getting our rights recognised as ordinary people 800 years ago may mean that your electricity bill is illegal, and you can feed your pigs on acorns, pick up sticks, and forage for food on land you don’t own, according to an ancient charter celebrating its anniversary this year.

The Charter of the Forest recognised commons rights such as keeping ponies and sheep or collecting firewood on Dartmoor and Exmoor, which are still used by villagers with ancient links. But The Charter also covers forgotten smallholding privileges and some ancient arts and crafts such as making clay pots or building cob houses. Join environment and science journalist Myc Riggulsford in a fun and thought provoking debate about Devon’s past, the rights we have forgotten or allowed to lapse, and how they could help our society today.