Exmoor Flag Competition

It’s Time To Get Creative!

Next week sees the start of history in the making with the launch of a competition to create an official flag for Exmoor, the first area encompassing a national park to have its very own flag. The winning design will be chosen by public vote and registered with The Flag Institute, the organisation responsible for maintaining the national registry of United Kingdom flags. The Exmoor Flag Competition is financially supported by the Exmoor National Park Partnership Fund and the Exmoor Flag Project team.

2014 is the sixtieth anniversary of the foundation of Exmoor National Park, so the timing is perfect for all those who live, work, visit and love Exmoor to express their pride in all that they think is great about this beautiful corner of the country. Inspiration for the flag design can be drawn from Exmoor’s unique landscape, its windswept moors, ancient woods, valleys, farmland and coast or its indigenous wildlife.

The Exmoor Flag Competition will be free to enter and open to all. Young and old, amateur and professional, individually or as a group – all will be judged impartially and purely on merit, irrespective of artistic ability. School children will have exactly the same chance as experienced designers. Entry forms along with hints and design guidelines will be available on The Exmoor Flag website www.exmoorflag.co.uk, published in the local press and available in Exmoor National Park Centres and tourist information centres across North Devon and West Somerset.

The first round of judging will be conducted by a panel made up from a cross section of Exmoor people, The Flag Institute and the Exmoor Flag Project team. A shortlist of 4 designs will be put forward to a public vote and the winner will be announced in October. Along with receiving a prize unique to Exmoor, the winner will be presented with the first copy of the flag and have the honour of their creation being registered as the official flag for Exmoor, to be cherished forever more. The Exmoor Flag design will be free for anyone to use.

Throughout the design competition process the Exmoor Flag Project team will communicate with the public through the website, local media coverage, posters/flyers and via social media.

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